Write for Cecil’s Pride

Cecil and the animal kingdom need your help!

Are you passionate about finding news stories to share?
Are you passionate about raising awareness of issues relating to climate change, destruction of habitat and Cecil the Lion?
Are you looking to meet other passionate change makers who are like minded?

If you answered any of the above, you may want to consider writing for us. We are looking for articles and news stories to share with our community. Want to stay for the long haul? we are also looking for contributors and writers who can help us source the latest news of Cecil the Lion and Anti-Poaching publish and help us share with our community of animal lovers.

Here’s the invite for you to be a regular writer/contributor on this blog. Tips on how to get started:
1- Identify your passion (eg. Elephants)
2- CLAIM/OWN that NICHE (Be the Elephant Guy/Gal on OurCecil.com)
3- Do research and Share news, videos, drawings, poems and facts (eg. elephant infographics and videos)

We may not be as big as Buzzfeed and ViralNova but we have 18000 readers and we want to be the Buzzfeed for animals and animal activism. Join us today!

Call for writers

About Cecil’s Pride

Cecil’s pride is a citizen journalism initiative to get animal lovers to take action in raise awareness of poaching. We have writers and artists from all over the world who are animal lovers at heart. United by the death of Cecil the Lion, we come together to raise awareness of the atrocities of poaching and spread hope in the form of our creativity. We may not have the means to travel out to Africa or join the Sea Shepherds to stop poaching but we have our voice and thoughts.Join our growing community of contributors and writers. Whether you are a poet, artist or Google geek, everyone can join in on this movement in raising awareness and sharing hope to the animal lovers community. Perfect role for someone who’s a student or part-time activist.

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