Was Walter Palmer At Republican National Convention Supporting Trump?

Notice: This article is currently being verified for accuracy. We are awaiting a response from other credible sources. Notice #2: Major media source, Occupy Democrats, also wrote about the observation but did not confirm or reject whether this was Palmer.   The internet is buzzing as footages of a person that resembles the like of Walter Palmer at the Republican National Convention […]

Young Man Breaks Into Walter Palmer Home And Trashed His Yacht

When you have international notoriety, even your neighbours will take a chance to shame you. You may remember that lion killer, Walter Palmer has a Florida property. Recently, NBC reported that a young man trespassed onto the property of Lion Killer, Walter Palmer, and stole his boat; taking it on a joy ride. All this happened while Palmer is away attending the […]

Remembering Cecil

On the anniversary of Cecil’s senseless and brutal killing, we should remember Cecil (a truly majestic African lion, head of his pride in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park) and all other wildlife so ‘harvested’ by other humans amongst us (for fun, trophies and lest we forget, the deceitful cloak of the trophy hunters’ excuse,  some twisted notion of “conservation”). This time last […]

“Trophy Hunting is Not the Saviour for African Wildlife”

It’s time for a ‘disruptive innovation,’ to wean range Governments’ dependency away from the Trophy Hunting income used to help ‘balance the books.’ The premise is should/could the ‘international community’ devise transparent (‘corruption’ proof) ways to subsidise key wildlife reserves to save iconic species? Hunting Income Evidence suggests that much of the hunting income (estimated at more than […]

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Life Is Hell For Cecil’s Hunter As He Remains In Legal Limbo

It sure sucks to be the hunter of Cecil the Lion as he remains in legal limbo. Having to report to the authorities every two weeks and be interrogated about his activities, his business closed down and cops keeping an eye on his every move. Life must be hell for this professional hunter who no longer is […]

Anonymous Does It Again – Walter Palmer’s Website Down After Repair

Our social media efforts is making a difference as Palmer’s website is down again by what could be another strike from the internet hacktivist group Anonymous. Shortly after bringing his hacked website back online from a previous hack attack, Walter Palmer’s website has been brought down once more by what we could assume as a strike […]

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Lion Killer’s Lawyer Regrets Letting Walter Palmer Speak to News

Anyone standing up with Palmer is bound to be in a world of pain as we have reports that the lawyer who provided Walter Palmer legal counsel, Joseph Friberg, is bombarded with phone calls. The Lawyer of Lion Killer is regretting a big mistake his client, Walter Palmer, made shortly prior to returning to work. With […]

Anonymous May Have Taken Down Walter Palmer’s NEW Website (October 2015)

Update: Palmer got his website back up again. It was fun while it lasted. Please tell @OpFunKill on twitter to conduct another strike on Palmer.  Walter Palmer should be getting the message that the world is not going to forget about his horrific act as his new website is currently down, possibly an attack by hackers. We do not know who […]