Elephant Misery

Have you ever been to a zoo, or animal ‘safari’ park where elephant rides are offered and you have been tempted to try it? Or perhaps attended a ‘festival’ in India or Sri Lanka where elaborately decorated elephants are ‘proudly’ paraded by their ‘masters?’ Figure 1 – Tourists riding elephants in Nepal Figure 2 – […]

‘Canned’ Duplicity and Decline

Petition – Stop the “Canned Hunting” of South Africa’s Lions The breeding of lion (and other animal ‘product’) has been going on for some 25 years plus in South Africa. The South African Department of Environmental Affairs’ (DEA’s) own candid definition of “canned lion hunting” clearly enlightens one to the morally reprehensible “artificial” nature of […]

Saturday, 30 April 2016 – A Complex Day for Wildlife

Saturday, 30 April 2016 will be remembered as a complex day for wildlife: In Kenya, there was a burning of confiscated ivory and rhino horn; In London, A March to Stop Lion Trophy Hunting; In Swaziland, a proposal for rhino horn harvesting emerged; In South Africa, the sad loss of an inspiring wildlife advocate and campaigner. […]

Feeding the Hunters’ Addiction in South Africa

The attached video is from a 2015 documentary (“Safari, Paying to Kill”) published onto YouTube in March 2016: It’s a very interesting 45 minutes, with the interviewer, Olivia Mokiejewski clearly exposing the deceit of the ‘canned’/captive-breeding industry in South Africa. Olivia describes ‘canned’ hunting as South Africa’s “nasty little secret” which at its worst, is […]

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Man Spotted Beating This Dog On Busy Street – Watch How Many Responded

If someone is abusing a dog in broad daylight, how soon would people step in and stop the abuse? Right away? within 20 seconds? less than a minute? and how many people would you think would jump in? a dozen at once? This is what Youtuber OckTV wanted to find out as he conducted a social experiment where […]

POPULAR: Comedian Shows The World What Happens If We Treat Humans Like Captive SeaWorld Whales

POPULAR VIDEO: French Comedian Remi Gaillard pulls off viral publicity stunt dressed up as whales and making random bystanders experience how it feels like to be the captive whales and mammals at SeaWorld. Ever wonder what happens when you reverse the roles of human and animals? This funny viral video will show you how it feels. […]