BREAKING: Hunter of Cecil The Lion Trial Outcome

After being postponed trial multiple times and after multiple attempts to have his court case dismissed (possibly with bribes), the hunter of Cecil the Lion whom American Dentist Walter Palmer paid to track Cecil the Lion and set up the lure hunting operation, Theo Bronhorst, finally went to trial and the results shocked everyone. The magistrate decided to acquit Bronhorst […]

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Life Is Hell For Cecil’s Hunter As He Remains In Legal Limbo

It sure sucks to be the hunter of Cecil the Lion as he remains in legal limbo. Having to report to the authorities every two weeks and be interrogated about his activities, his business closed down and cops keeping an eye on his every move. Life must be hell for this professional hunter who no longer is […]

Hunter of Cecil the Lion to Face Trial Nov 20th After Judge Refused Potential Bribe

News Zimbabwe has reported that the Hunter of Cecil the Lion will be facing trial November 20th. Theo Bronkhorst, the hunter hired by Walter Palmer, was charged with preventing an illegal hunt by the Zimbabwean court for the death of Cecil the Lion. Bronkhorst tired getting out of this court indictment with an “application” to have […]

Judge REFUSES To Drop Charges Against Cecil’s Hunter

Animal lovers rejoice today as news broke out that the hunter of Cecil the Lion’s attempt to escape judgement was rejected. A disappointed hunter walked out of the courtroom in the western town of Hwange today as he learned that his trial will continue despite his attempts to have his charges dropped. Theo Bronkhorst claims that his charges of […]