The Unsustainable Excuse

Petition – “Stop South Africa’s attempts to legalize trade in rhino horn“- Global March for Elephants and Rhinos   The “sustainable use of our natural resources” – Opinion After posting the Don Pinnock article (“Rhino sale bombshell hidden in new raft regulations,” Daily Maverick, 27 February 2017) the feedback received was ‘interesting’ – explaining the South African’s right […]

Botswana Pursuing ‘Photographic Tourism’

Banner Image – “Game viewing in the Selinda Reserve, Botswana is outstanding right now…” Image courtesy of Beverly and Dereck Joubert, Great Plains Conservation There has been recent reports of Botswana being pressured by pro-hunting lobbies from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and lobbyists from the European Union seeking to persuade Botswana to relax its 2014 hunting ban; […]

Blood Lions – The cat is most certainly out of the bag Imagine the elation I felt when I received an email from Ian Michler (special consultant and lead character in ‘Blood Lions’) saying he would grant me an interview for this blog.  I proceeded to do the happy dance but abruptly stopped mid-shimmy realizing I’d have to re-watch the film and that’s when the nausea set […]

“The End of ‘Canned Hunting’ Looks Imminent”

Update: African Lion Working Group (ALWG) ‘finally’ joins the Professional Hunters Association, South Africa (PHASA) in condemning  “captive-bred (‘canned’) lion hunting.” ______________________________________________________________________________ “The turning tide: Blood Lions v lion breeding and canned hunting,” Daily Maverick, 13 December 2015 “But now comes the real test……” “From now PHASA will be judged not on their statement but their […]

Safari Club International’s (SCI’s) ‘Secret’ Conference with the South African Government

Reference: Untold Africa Report, 10 November 2015 Animal Activists (Ban Animal Trading) Access ‘Secret’ Meeting, 13 November 2015 Video – Ban Animal Trading (BAT) Entering ‘Secret’ Meeting, 13 November 2015  What is the ‘secret’ invitation only ‘conference’ between Safari Club International (SCI) and South African Government officials about? This 4 day ‘conference’ (“The African Wildlife Consultative Forum”) meeting is […]

Identity of Elephant Killer Confirmed On Main Media

This afternoon, Daily Mail confirmed on the identity of the elephant killer as Billionaire investment banker Rainer Schorr. CEO and German property mongul of over couple hundred million dollars in assets. Daily Mail reported Schorr to be ultra influential as he has been featured on multiple investors interviews. Compared to the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion, Palmer’s […]

Blood Lions to Air In South Africa Today

The South African television premiere is tonight (11 October 2015, 22:00 hours CAT) on Discovery Channel 121. A documentary exposing the predator breeding, cub petting and canned hunting industry in South Africa. Watch it to have the power to create change and awareness. ‪#‎BLOODLIONS If you would really like to ‪#‎GetInvolved – join the international […]