Lion Hunting Trophy Imports

Banner image – courtesy of Mwana  – Kanimambo Creations The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Service Director Dan Ashe has recently announced (20 October 2016) that the United States will no longer permit the import of lion trophies from captive hunts in South Africa. Melissa Bachman poses with the lion she ‘hunted’. Photo: […]

‘Blood Lions’ Released on DVD in the USA

Public Media Distribution LLC. announced 5 January 2016, that it is releasing the much anticipated feature documentary ‘Blood Lions‘ on DVD in the USA (hopefully, with distribution across other regions to follow). ‘Blood Lions’ exposes the ‘canned’ lion ‘farming’ industry in South Africa, where lions and other big cats (tigers, leopard, puma etc.) are ‘bred for the bullet.’ The […]

Blood Lions Film Putting Canned Lion Farms Out Of Business

The release of Blood Lions have opened up the eyes of the world to the horrors of canned lion farming. Canned farm operators hiding behind the guise of lion petting zoo  lion sanctuaries have experienced a steep drop in revenue and also a rise in expenses as volunteers drop. Unlike other businesses, canned lion operators DO NOT PAY […]

“The End of ‘Canned Hunting’ Looks Imminent”

Update: African Lion Working Group (ALWG) ‘finally’ joins the Professional Hunters Association, South Africa (PHASA) in condemning  “captive-bred (‘canned’) lion hunting.” ______________________________________________________________________________ “The turning tide: Blood Lions v lion breeding and canned hunting,” Daily Maverick, 13 December 2015 “But now comes the real test……” “From now PHASA will be judged not on their statement but their […]