“New report reveals big game hunting makes minimal contribution to African economies and jobs”

Banner image – “Lions are often killed as juveniles before they can contribute to the genetic pool” – Image courtesy of David Youldon/iStockphoto “Trophy hunters’ inflated claims debunked; trophy hunting ‘insignificant’ to economy” Humane Society International (HSI) – Press Release, 1 February 2017 An economic study released on the first day of Safari Club International’s […]

Lion Hunt Being Raffled

BREAKING NEWS (4 Jan 2016) – Raffle Cancelled!   Confirmed on B.V.C’s website – Raffle cancelled and reaffirmed that WildCRU had nothing to do with this ill-conceived “fund raising initiative.”    ___________________________________________________ “‘Hunt a lion’ raffle scrapped after protests,” The Guardian, 11 January 2016 It was reported (The Daily Mail, 3 January 2016) that an 18 day lion […]