ABC 20/20 Life Story of Cecil the Lion – How Cecil became the Iconic Zimbabwe Animal

Here’s a video of the life of Cecil the Lion sharing about his life from a little cub to the King of the Zimbabwe pridelands. Recorded from ABC 20/20 Top Five Animal Guardians You May Not Know (#4 Impressed Me) Sponsored: Poachers HATE this Tshirt. Buy one today to piss a poacher Punishments for Walter: We […]

Top 5 Punishments Our Community Has Proposed For Walter Palmer. (#5 is creativity at its best)

With Palmer back at his office, many of us have been sharing about the different punishments that would be fitting for Walter once we locate him. We asked our community this question and gotten a multitude of responses ranging from revoking of professional license to capital punishment and beyond. Here are five of our most popular punishments our community has proposed: