Blood Lions – The cat is most certainly out of the bag Imagine the elation I felt when I received an email from Ian Michler (special consultant and lead character in ‘Blood Lions’) saying he would grant me an interview for this blog.  I proceeded to do the happy dance but abruptly stopped mid-shimmy realizing I’d have to re-watch the film and that’s when the nausea set […]

Grandfather Bear

The following poem was written by my husband, Ed Israel, who is a professional story teller.  In light of the recent massacre of bears I think this delivers a powerful message and I would like to share it with my friends on Cecil’s Pride. They called me Grandfather Bear, I lived in the Marsh land […]

Judge REFUSES To Drop Charges Against Cecil’s Hunter

Animal lovers rejoice today as news broke out that the hunter of Cecil the Lion’s attempt to escape judgement was rejected. A disappointed hunter walked out of the courtroom in the western town of Hwange today as he learned that his trial will continue despite his attempts to have his charges dropped. Theo Bronkhorst claims that his charges of […]