Elephant Misery

Have you ever been to a zoo, or animal ‘safari’ park where elephant rides are offered and you have been tempted to try it? Or perhaps attended a ‘festival’ in India or Sri Lanka where elaborately decorated elephants are ‘proudly’ paraded by their ‘masters?’ Figure 1 – Tourists riding elephants in Nepal Figure 2 – […]

Saturday, 30 April 2016 – A Complex Day for Wildlife

Saturday, 30 April 2016 will be remembered as a complex day for wildlife: In Kenya, there was a burning of confiscated ivory and rhino horn; In London, A March to Stop Lion Trophy Hunting; In Swaziland, a proposal for rhino horn harvesting emerged; In South Africa, the sad loss of an inspiring wildlife advocate and campaigner. […]

“Trophy Hunting is Not the Saviour for African Wildlife”

It’s time for a ‘disruptive innovation,’ to wean range Governments’ dependency away from the Trophy Hunting income used to help ‘balance the books.’ The premise is should/could the ‘international community’ devise transparent (‘corruption’ proof) ways to subsidise key wildlife reserves to save iconic species? Hunting Income Evidence suggests that much of the hunting income (estimated at more than […]

Namibia – Trophy Hunting

Banner: Photo by Hans Stieglitz via Wikimedia Commons Previous Cecil’s Pride Article – “Namibia Rejects All Hunting Bans and Welcomes Hunters” “Total Income” for ‘conservation’ fund, less than 2% of the “Total Trophy Hunting Income” – Related Article: “Trophy Hunting and ‘Conservation’” – Namibia, 16 March 2016 So, the Namibian Cabinet has announced via Information Minister, Tjekero Tweya, […]

The ‘Theatre’ of Wildlife Decimation

In the war-like ‘theatre’ of organised wildlife crime, versus the authorities and anti-poaching units, where is the current ‘balance’ in this blood filled battle? Ultimately, where are we heading with regard to threatened species? Elephant Poaching Based on CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) data, African elephant poaching […]

The Elephant’s Caretaker Collapses To The Ground. What She Does? UNBELIEVABLE!

Elephants are highly emotional and intelligent beings. Not only do they bond with other elephants they also can bond well with human. This video clip from viralhog shows an elephant sanctuary caretaker being pushed to the ground followed by the rescued elephant coming out to show concern for the downed caretaker.  The elephant at first stands in between […]

Animated Cartoon of the Ivory Trade

When you see someone buying ivory, think about what they are supporting. This exceptional animated video shows how deep the ivory trade is. Please share to let your friends know the dark side of the ivory trade. Up Next:  Video of a badass lion giving everyone an unsuspecting surprise  watch this badass ranger confronted this heavily armed poacher LIKE A […]