Was Walter Palmer At Republican National Convention Supporting Trump?

Notice: This article is currently being verified for accuracy. We are awaiting a response from other credible sources. Notice #2: Major media source, Occupy Democrats, also wrote about the observation but did not confirm or reject whether this was Palmer.   The internet is buzzing as footages of a person that resembles the like of Walter Palmer at the Republican National Convention […]

Anonymous Deals First Strike on Trump

  Anonymous’s promise came ahead of time with their first strick on Trump this week. Someone managed to get a hold of Trump’s personal information and started exposing it to the world. These information include: Trump’s birthday His place of birth legal counsel his (alleged) social security number his cell phone number (with a voice message promoting his campaign) […]

Anonymous Declares War on Donald Trump

Anonymous has recently declared war on Donald Trump. In their video, they are making a declaration of war telling the world that they will strike on April 1st. They are also calling hackers to do all they can to expose information on Donald Trump. Many of us have been hearing about the hateful rhetorics coming out of […]

Trump’s Sons Under Investigation For Poaching

While Donald Trump is  having fun with the election, his sons are under investigation for poaching and killing of different animal species. Investigators found that back in 2011, the trump brothers went on a hunting trip with an illegal hunting company. Normally hunters go on safari trips with legal companies where the guide have extensive knowledge […]