Domestic Pets Forced To Perform Stressful Tricks

While elephants are finding freedom from being forced to perform in the US, someone pointed out to us that there are some humans out there who force their dogs to endure a similar level of stress elephants endured to perform tricks like tight rope walking and surfing on a chain. You could imagine the amount of beating […]

Millions Fooled By Outdated April Fools Joke

Apparently millions have been fooled by an outdated April fools joke originated from the network of rumour mills on the internet. Titus the Albanian Pitbull was painted by his owner (against his will?) and had a picture taken and posted online. The uniqueness of this picture made this story go viral. Because the picture was posted in March, […]

You Would Not Believe Why She Does This! Chinese Teacher Travelled 1500 Miles and Spending 1/4 Of Her Salary To Rescue Dogs.

Image Credit: Meet Ms. Yang Xiayoun retired Chinese School Teacher a Dog Rescue Hero putting all of her time, effort and money on the line to rescue countless Dog’s from China’s annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Ms. Xiayoun aged 65 runs an Animal Shelter based in Tianjin China and has travelled over 2400km (1500 miles) […]

Unprecedented Petition Against Dog Meat Festival Takes Flight

The animal rights movement in China has reached a pivotal crossroads, which could potentially turn the tables on the widespread traditional capture and sale of dogs for meat in China. Animal rights activists in China have handed in a petition containing 11 Million Signatures. This petition calling to end the consumption of dog meat which […]

Opposition Against Yulin Festival Hardens

China’s annual dog meat festival in the Southern Chinese City of Yulin is facing stiff opposition from animal rights activists. A brave international coalition of animal welfare activists is stepping up pressure on the Chinese government to shut down China’s barbaric widespread practice of cruelly butchering and eating dogs. A petition for 11 million signatures […]

How Dogs See Their Owners

I love dogs because they love us unconditionally. Whenever you feel down, and think that you’re not worth it, know that your dog sees you in a different light. Here’s a funny comparison comic by Kelly Angel. Word from our Sponsors   Word from our Sponsors Original Source: Kelly Angel from BarkPost   Up next: Tens of Thousands of […]