You Would Not Believe Why She Does This! Chinese Teacher Travelled 1500 Miles and Spending 1/4 Of Her Salary To Rescue Dogs.

Image Credit: Meet Ms. Yang Xiayoun retired Chinese School Teacher a Dog Rescue Hero putting all of her time, effort and money on the line to rescue countless Dog’s from China’s annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Ms. Xiayoun aged 65 runs an Animal Shelter based in Tianjin China and has travelled over 2400km (1500 miles) […]

The UNDERGROUND Chinese Animal Rights Movement You’ve Never Heard About

Did you know that the animal movement China is growing. Unlike movements in the west, these movements aren’t allowed to set up as a registered charity and often work underground and form over social media. Here’s one group we came across 毛毛的運動 (maomao’s movement) They are saying that just because they cannot write in english, it doesnt mean they […]

HOPE FOR CHINA- Chinese Woman Spent 25% of Her Annual Income Rescuing Dogs

  There’s hope for china as not all Chinese are into eating dogs. Every year over 10,000 dogs are captured and consumed. But this little Chinese lady is going against the grain of her culture to show the world that not all Chinese people consume dogs. Yang Xiaoyun trekked halfway across the country to spend over […]

Dog Meat Seller Brutally Beaten By Chinese Villagers

The act of consuming dog meat is horrific in western culture but is very prevalent in Asian culture. This recent news article may get readers glad as we see that this barbaric practice is starting to be rejected in some parts of Asia. In the Southern china province of Guangxi, two dog thieves (potentially dog meat […]