Cecil’s Brother, Jericho the Lion, Found Dead

It is with great sadness that we learn that Cecil’s pride brother, Jericho the lion, was found dead under a bush in Hwange National Park in the fall. Investigators reported that Jericho’s death is due to natural causes Like Cecil, Jericho the lion was collared by researcher and during a routine inspection, researcher Jane Hunt found the […]

Thousands Impacted by Cecil 2016 – Watch Recordings Here

This past weekend, the much anticipated rally against trophy hunting, Cecil2016 took place at Washington DC. Despite the rain during some parts of the rally, thousands participated online through livestreaming or physically outside the Washington Memorial. Facebook statistics has reported that the rally at its peak had a reach of 160,000 people on Facebook. The rally featured […]

5 Poachers Dead And 3 Injured After Pride of Lions Sneaked Up On Them (QUESTIONABLE)

Notice: The validity of this article is in question as this article is listed as VERIFIED and UNVERIFIED on different websites. To be safe, we are going with Snope’s verdict of NOT TRUE. Sorry to burst your bubble. You can read this untrue story for entertainment value.  One Green Planet and World News Daily reported that a group of poachers were hunting […]

Remembering Cecil

On the anniversary of Cecil’s senseless and brutal killing, we should remember Cecil (a truly majestic African lion, head of his pride in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park) and all other wildlife so ‘harvested’ by other humans amongst us (for fun, trophies and lest we forget, the deceitful cloak of the trophy hunters’ excuse,  some twisted notion of “conservation”). This time last […]

Cecil’s Grand Cubs Spotted On a Walk In The Park

Wildlife photographer Graham Simmonds recently posted picture of eight lion cubs walking down a grassy road with their mother in Hwange National Park. Their guide informed them that these lion cubs are the grandchildren of Cecil the Lion. “Xanda is one of Cecil the lion’s sons that has recently come into his prime, and the […]

BREAKING: Hunter of Cecil The Lion Trial Outcome

After being postponed trial multiple times and after multiple attempts to have his court case dismissed (possibly with bribes), the hunter of Cecil the Lion whom American Dentist Walter Palmer paid to track Cecil the Lion and set up the lure hunting operation, Theo Bronhorst, finally went to trial and the results shocked everyone. The magistrate decided to acquit Bronhorst […]

“Trophy Hunting is Not the Saviour for African Wildlife”

It’s time for a ‘disruptive innovation,’ to wean range Governments’ dependency away from the Trophy Hunting income used to help ‘balance the books.’ The premise is should/could the ‘international community’ devise transparent (‘corruption’ proof) ways to subsidise key wildlife reserves to save iconic species? Hunting Income Evidence suggests that much of the hunting income (estimated at more than […]