Hunting’s Threat to Conservation

Banner image courtesy of Mark Boulton, Elsa Trust and Elsamere Written jointly with Chris Mercer – the Campaign Against Canned Hunting Peter Flack’s (“South African lawyer, business man and hunter”) recent piece in the Daily Maverick, titled “It is canned killing, not hunting, that hampers conservation efforts” (17 December 2017) offers a hunter’s perceived threats to […]

“New report reveals big game hunting makes minimal contribution to African economies and jobs”

Banner image – “Lions are often killed as juveniles before they can contribute to the genetic pool” – Image courtesy of David Youldon/iStockphoto “Trophy hunters’ inflated claims debunked; trophy hunting ‘insignificant’ to economy” Humane Society International (HSI) – Press Release, 1 February 2017 An economic study released on the first day of Safari Club International’s […]