Blood Lions – The cat is most certainly out of the bag Imagine the elation I felt when I received an email from Ian Michler (special consultant and lead character in ‘Blood Lions’) saying he would grant me an interview for this blog.  I proceeded to do the happy dance but abruptly stopped mid-shimmy realizing I’d have to re-watch the film and that’s when the nausea set […]

Grandfather Bear

The following poem was written by my husband, Ed Israel, who is a professional story teller.  In light of the recent massacre of bears I think this delivers a powerful message and I would like to share it with my friends on Cecil’s Pride. They called me Grandfather Bear, I lived in the Marsh land […]

WARNING- Watch out for these FAKE “wildlife” groups!

As an animal lover, we are approached by many non profits that sounds like they’re supporting animals and help facilitate “conservation efforts” in different parts of the world. PETA has done sufficient due diligence research to present to you a list of wildlife organizations that are backed by hunting groups. It’s not a surprise why […]

Elephant Hunter’s Identity WILL Be Made Public – Zimbabwe Taskforce

A Zimbabwean conservation group has pledged to put investigators into finding the hunter’s identity and revealing it to the world to ensure the hunter receives the same justice Walter Palmer has received from the world. Earlier this week a German national shot and killed what may be the world’s largest elephant ever seen in Africa in Zimbabwe. At 40 years […]

Hundreds In Rome Came Out to Support Endangered Animals

ROME, ITALY – Hundreds of people in Rome came out in support of the March for Elephants and Rhinos this weekend with large banners, uniform protest shirts and hand held signs. Source: Up next: Tens of Thousands of Protesters Rallied in Spain to Protest Bull Fighting  Sponsored: Poachers HATE this Tshirt. Buy one today to […]

Park Rangers Tell You To NEVER Exit your Car When There Are Lions Around, This Guy Does Just That And Watch What The Lions Did To Him

Lions get intimidated and roar when you poke your head out of the car. Exiting a car when lions are around is a horrible idea and this guy does just that. The lions came to him and watch what they did to him. The whole interaction was recorded on this guy’s Go Pro. Very touching […]