“Lion Crisis”

We have seen the neglect at Walter Slippers’ lion breeding facility in Limpopo Province. The South African Predator Breeder Association (SAPA) has moved in to offer immediate relief, with SAPA Members funding emergency food provision for the neglected lions (which is a welcomed, short term solution). However, the SAPA’s vitriol and abuse in the accompanying (the […]

BREAKING: Animal Activists BRUTALLY Injured And STRIPPED While Protesting at France’s Bull Fighting Event

This week, a large crowd of animal lovers protested at France’s bull fighting rodeo event. At the moment they were about to call the bull out, the animal activists scaled the railing and chained themselves to the centre of the ring. Pro bull fighters jumped in and harassed the animal lovers for a whole 20 minutes punching and kicking […]

Blood Lions – The cat is most certainly out of the bag

http://cecilsangels.com Imagine the elation I felt when I received an email from Ian Michler (special consultant and lead character in ‘Blood Lions’) saying he would grant me an interview for this blog.  I proceeded to do the happy dance but abruptly stopped mid-shimmy realizing I’d have to re-watch the film and that’s when the nausea set […]

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Update on Florida Black Bear Massacre

On October 24th and 25th, at least 298 Florida black bears were killed during the Florida Fish and Wildlife “Conservation” Commission’s (FWC) bear hunt, the first time the hunt has occurred in 21 years. Just three years ago, this unique subspecies of black bear was still on the list of threatened species with an estimated […]

Grandfather Bear

The following poem was written by my husband, Ed Israel, who is a professional story teller.  In light of the recent massacre of bears I think this delivers a powerful message and I would like to share it with my friends on Cecil’s Pride. They called me Grandfather Bear, I lived in the Marsh land […]

This 12 Years Old Kid Was Arrested For Protesting Peacefully Against SeaWorld

12 year old female animal rights protester, Rose McCoy, was arrested among 19 other animal protesters at a Sea World parade in California. The SeaWorld Parade in Pasadena, California was interrupted by a group of 100 protesters where the 19 tried to stop the float featuring whales depicted swimming freely. Some said that it was rather ironic that […]

Elephant Hunter’s Identity WILL Be Made Public – Zimbabwe Taskforce

A Zimbabwean conservation group has pledged to put investigators into finding the hunter’s identity and revealing it to the world to ensure the hunter receives the same justice Walter Palmer has received from the world. Earlier this week a German national shot and killed what may be the world’s largest elephant ever seen in Africa in Zimbabwe. At 40 years […]