Thousands Impacted by Cecil 2016 – Watch Recordings Here

This past weekend, the much anticipated rally against trophy hunting, Cecil2016 took place at Washington DC. Despite the rain during some parts of the rally, thousands participated online through livestreaming or physically outside the Washington Memorial. Facebook statistics has reported that the rally at its peak had a reach of 160,000 people on Facebook. The rally featured […]

“Hunters Conserve Wildlife” – The Debate

Cecil’s Pride has already highlighted the forthcoming intelligence2 “Hunters Conserve Wildlife” – debate due 4 May 2016, the motion is:  “In 2014, a permit to hunt a single endangered black rhino was sold for $350,000… as part of a program to support its conservation in Namibia. Counterintuitive? Through funds raised from legal hunting—the purchase of permits in Africa, […]

Reptile Supplier Denies Claims By PETA

    Reptile lovers everywhere have been horrified by a recent video that’s been circulating around, claiming that a popular reptile breeding company has been abusing reptiles and amphibians that they have bred for distribution to PetSmart and dozens of other pet stores around the US. Reptiles by Mack, the distributor in question, is now […]

Call on EU to Clamp Down on Trophy Hunting

International Wildlife Bond (IWB) has joined other wildlife advocacy organisations (co-ordinated by the Born Free Foundation) calling on the European Union (EU) to adhere to the EU’s Wildlife Trade Regulations (WTR). Joint Letter “Wildlife Trophy Imports into EU Countries,” March 2016 “……..we urge all Member States to suspend issuance of all import permits for hunting trophies derived […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Dedicates Award Speech To Protecting Nature

The world has been waiting this moment for years… Leonardo DiCaprio winning the Oscars award. Unlike other winners, Leonardo dedicated his globally televised award speech to the environment and the developing world. In his speech he addressed the issue of climate change and poverty across the world when he could’ve talked about himself. Word from our Sponsors Much respect, Leo. […]

Animal Activists Protested Outside SCI Convention – Some Almost Ran Over By Hunters

This weekend’s Hunter gathering at the Marriott Minneapolis Northwest has attracted the anger of 40 animal rights protesters from two animal rights groups, Minnesota Animal Liberation and Animal Rights Coalition. The protest was mostly peaceful with the exception of a few times hunters drove their cars onto the curbs to intimidate the animal protesters. (according to Star Tribune) […]

Global March for Cecil Kicks Off Part I

Tomorrow marks one of the biggest united calls for justice for Cecil as animal lovers are gathering world wide to show their anger toward the government’s inactions at stopping trophy hunting. Over the last few days, activists from Las Vegas have been stirring up waves outside the hunter’s convention. Their group of protesters are growing every day this […]