Hillary Admits To Hunting Ducks

While many sees Hillary as a better choice to Trump, her track record on animal rights is not spotliess. In a 2008 campaign speech, Fernando Suarez of CBS News reported her to have gone on duck hunting trips in her well off upbringing. “WAUSAU, WIS. — At a campaign stop this afternoon, Hillary Clinton’s focus was […]

Person With Walter Palmer Resemblance Sparked A Huge Debate On Whether Palmer Was At The Republican National Convention.

Remember this image that went all over the internet last week? A lot of people aren’t sure whether this was Walter Palmer or not. While Snopes have remained silent on this matter, major websites like Occupy Democrats said that it could be him while other online activists like @anonorpheus did some in depth analysis to see if this […]

Pride by Nicole Washburn

Thank you Nicole Washburn for sharing this amazing art submission that is currently being featured at Lake Worth, FL at the Clay, Glass, Metal, Stone Gallery. This artwork is made of paper and acrylic on canvas. Our community is proud to have a lot of artistic talents among us. please continue to share artwork and article sumissions […]

Remembering Cecil

On the anniversary of Cecil’s senseless and brutal killing, we should remember Cecil (a truly majestic African lion, head of his pride in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park) and all other wildlife so ‘harvested’ by other humans amongst us (for fun, trophies and lest we forget, the deceitful cloak of the trophy hunters’ excuse,  some twisted notion of “conservation”). This time last […]

June Marks Dog Meat Month in China – Festival Faces Opposition

China’s annual dog meat festival in the Southern Chinese City of Yulin is facing stiff opposition from animal rights activists. A brave international coalition of animal welfare activists is stepping up pressure on the Chinese government to shut down China’s barbaric widespread practice of cruelly butchering and eating dogs. A petition for 11 million signatures […]

Hunters Launch Propaganda Non Profit To Mislead Public

Hunters in South Africa recently launched a propaganda non profit funded by their deep pockets to mislead the public about hunting and conservation. True Green Alliance, a fraudulently named organization to deceive and recruit ecologically minded people sitting on the fence to embrace a pro-hunting agenda. They will be part of the hunter’s push to brainwash people with skewed and biased […]