BREAKING: New Animal Cruelty Themed Game Has Millions Playing Worldwide

The hunting community is getting a major push from a recently released video game, Pokemon Go. This game in a nutshell consists of players taking on the role of “Pokemon trainers” going around hunting and keeping creatures called Pokemon in captivity. The game genre encourages players to force the animal looking Pokemons to fight one another for the owner’s […]

“Hunters Conserve Wildlife” Debate

The post-intelligence squared debate, 4 May 2016 post-debate result is in: “Declared Winner: Against The Motion” – ‘Hunters do not conserve wildlife‘ – 65% of the debate audience agreed. It should be noted, that the “Online Voting” pre-debate poll (far right in the figure above) was subject to a flaw upon internet browser refresh (not openly […]

Lion Walks Around City Centre Like a BOSS

Columbus the lion was spotted walking around the city centre of Johannesburg, South Africa. Unlike other lions, this lion was part of a local production… but the film studio forgot to inform the authorities. Without prior notice and road closures, people were scared like sh!t when they saw a lion walking past cars. The streets were […]

Woman Faces Life In Jail For Helping Ducks

**update from cbc: Czornobaj is only receiving 90 days in jail and 10 years ban on driving** It’s rather unfortunate that some developed countries like CANADA would still punish people for doing good. 25  year old Emma Czornobaj received life in prison for negligence for the death of a motorcyclist and his passenger who smashed into her […]

Can You Identify The People Tormenting This Poor Moose In The Woods

A recent video showing a moose being chased by hunters in BC CANADA has become viral. In this video you can hear the hunters screaming and laughing as they chase the poor moose forcing it to gallop at speeds that could cause bodily harm. The harassers took down the original video after being found out. A copy of the video has been […]