How Dogs See Their Owners

I love dogs because they love us unconditionally. Whenever you feel down, and think that you’re not worth it, know that your dog sees you in a different light. Here’s a funny comparison comic by Kelly Angel. Word from our Sponsors   Word from our Sponsors Original Source: Kelly Angel from BarkPost   Up next: Tens of Thousands of […]

Top 5 Punishments Our Community Has Proposed For Walter Palmer. (#5 is creativity at its best)

With Palmer back at his office, many of us have been sharing about the different punishments that would be fitting for Walter once we locate him. We asked our community this question and gotten a multitude of responses ranging from revoking of professional license to capital punishment and beyond. Here are five of our most popular punishments our community has proposed:

Top Five Animal Guardians You May Not Know (#4 Impressed Me)

While not everyone of us can operate a weapon or have the means to travel to Africa to personally deal with the poachers, there are a select few who are brave enough to confront poachers toe to toe. Some armed with assault rifles while others are making a difference through dialogue and technology, here is our compiled list of five […]