“Trophy Hunting is Not the Saviour for African Wildlife”

It’s time for a ‘disruptive innovation,’ to wean range Governments’ dependency away from the Trophy Hunting income used to help ‘balance the books.’ The premise is should/could the ‘international community’ devise transparent (‘corruption’ proof) ways to subsidise key wildlife reserves to save iconic species? Hunting Income Evidence suggests that much of the hunting income (estimated at more than […]

Call on EU to Clamp Down on Trophy Hunting

International Wildlife Bond (IWB) has joined other wildlife advocacy organisations (co-ordinated by the Born Free Foundation) calling on the European Union (EU) to adhere to the EU’s Wildlife Trade Regulations (WTR). Joint Letter “Wildlife Trophy Imports into EU Countries,” March 2016 “……..we urge all Member States to suspend issuance of all import permits for hunting trophies derived […]

“The Cecil Effect”

Petition – To suspend the Bubye Valley Conservancy (B.V.C) culling of a reported 200 ‘surplus’ lions from its purpose bred stock Petition – Stop the Cull of 200 Lions in Cecil’s Home Country It has been reported already on Cecil’s Pride  that the Bubye Valley Conservancy (B.V.C) in Zimbabwe is planning to ‘sell-off’ (or a […]

Lion Researcher Brent Staplecamp Addresses Bubye Lion Cull

The news on Bubye’s lion cull has concerned a lot of people because many thought that Cecil’s cubs were in that area. The Cecil’s Pride team has conducted our own research to verify the details and would like to assure everyone that Cecil’s Cubs are safe. Here’s a report from the Facebook page of Cecil’s research, Brent […]

BREAKING: 200 Lions Will Be Killed At Cecil’s Country

UPDATE: Please speak out by signing this petition UPDATE: See Brent Stapelkamp’s response to the lion cull Zimbabwe is the country where Cecil the lion was killed, starting an international movement against the American dentist who shot him. Cecil’s lion comrades and cubs at Bubye Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe’s largest lion conservancy, is considering a culling of 200 […]

Global March for Cecil Kicks Off Part I

Tomorrow marks one of the biggest united calls for justice for Cecil as animal lovers are gathering world wide to show their anger toward the government’s inactions at stopping trophy hunting. Over the last few days, activists from Las Vegas have been stirring up waves outside the hunter’s convention. Their group of protesters are growing every day this […]

“Life After Cecil….”

We have seen the emotional blackmail the hunting industry has recently stooped to with the raffle of lion hunts and now, the auction of ‘canned’ lions to the highest bidder. However, no true conservationist could willingly participate and directly fund activities that essentially breed animals to be subsequently hunted. The hunting industry needs to reform and base its notion […]