Trophy Hunting Auction Site Exposed!

One of our readers recently discovered the internet’s biggest auction site for murdering innocent animals. Trophy hunter website is profiting greatly off the murder of thousands of innocent animals with their auction site. Some would call this ebay for trophy hunting. Working in partnership with SCI and other trophy hunting groups, this site offers hunts and SCI events for […]

5 Poachers Dead And 3 Injured After Pride of Lions Sneaked Up On Them (QUESTIONABLE)

Notice: The validity of this article is in question as this article is listed as VERIFIED and UNVERIFIED on different websites. To be safe, we are going with Snope’s verdict of NOT TRUE. Sorry to burst your bubble. You can read this untrue story for entertainment value.  One Green Planet and World News Daily reported that a group of poachers were hunting […]

Hunters Launch Propaganda Non Profit To Mislead Public

Hunters in South Africa recently launched a propaganda non profit funded by their deep pockets to mislead the public about hunting and conservation. True Green Alliance, a fraudulently named organization to deceive and recruit ecologically minded people sitting on the fence to embrace a pro-hunting agenda. They will be part of the hunter’s push to brainwash people with skewed and biased […]

Saturday, 30 April 2016 – A Complex Day for Wildlife

Saturday, 30 April 2016 will be remembered as a complex day for wildlife: In Kenya, there was a burning of confiscated ivory and rhino horn; In London, A March to Stop Lion Trophy Hunting; In Swaziland, a proposal for rhino horn harvesting emerged; In South Africa, the sad loss of an inspiring wildlife advocate and campaigner. […]

Who’s Actually Killing and ‘Making a Killing’ from Rhino?

By Andrew Van Ginkel, Durban, South Africa, 19 April 2016 Pseudo-hunting, Trophy Hunting and Rhino Poaching South Africa is home to 93% of the rhinos in Africa. At the start of the 20th century there were only 500,000 wild rhinos on earth. By 1970 this number had dropped to 70,000, today the estimated number of rhinos […]

Feeding the Hunters’ Addiction in South Africa

The attached video is from a 2015 documentary (“Safari, Paying to Kill”) published onto YouTube in March 2016: It’s a very interesting 45 minutes, with the interviewer, Olivia Mokiejewski clearly exposing the deceit of the ‘canned’/captive-breeding industry in South Africa. Olivia describes ‘canned’ hunting as South Africa’s “nasty little secret” which at its worst, is […]