Unprecedented Petition Against Dog Meat Festival Takes Flight

The animal rights movement in China has reached a pivotal crossroads, which could potentially turn the tables on the widespread traditional capture and sale of dogs for meat in China. Animal rights activists in China have handed in a petition containing 11 Million Signatures. This petition calling to end the consumption of dog meat which […]

Opposition Against Yulin Festival Hardens

China’s annual dog meat festival in the Southern Chinese City of Yulin is facing stiff opposition from animal rights activists. A brave international coalition of animal welfare activists is stepping up pressure on the Chinese government to shut down China’s barbaric widespread practice of cruelly butchering and eating dogs. A petition for 11 million signatures […]

The UNDERGROUND Chinese Animal Rights Movement You’ve Never Heard About

Did you know that the animal movement China is growing. Unlike movements in the west, these movements aren’t allowed to set up as a registered charity and often work underground and form over social media. Here’s one group we came across 毛毛的運動 (maomao’s movement) They are saying that just because they cannot write in english, it doesnt mean they […]

Saving One Rhino at a Time – Meet ‘Vinnie’

As we know, there is bloody battle to save rhinoceros from the poachers’ brutal onslaught, particularly in South Africa, the last natural rhino strong-hold. “Further reports came in this morning around 04h30 of yet another two rhinos found dead in a private reserve in South Africa. It feels like a huge giant has grabbed me […]

Florida Black Bear Hunt

Banner photo credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission The Centre for Biological Diversity has  released a statement (17 March 2016) regarding the plight of the black bear in Florida. As you may recall, last October 2015, there was a black bear massacre in Florida, with an open multi (7) day hunt, the first such […]

Call on EU to Clamp Down on Trophy Hunting

International Wildlife Bond (IWB) has joined other wildlife advocacy organisations (co-ordinated by the Born Free Foundation) calling on the European Union (EU) to adhere to the EU’s Wildlife Trade Regulations (WTR). Joint Letter “Wildlife Trophy Imports into EU Countries,” March 2016 “……..we urge all Member States to suspend issuance of all import permits for hunting trophies derived […]

BREAKING: Animal Activists BRUTALLY Injured And STRIPPED While Protesting at France’s Bull Fighting Event

This week, a large crowd of animal lovers protested at France’s bull fighting rodeo event. At the moment they were about to call the bull out, the animal activists scaled the railing and chained themselves to the centre of the ring. Pro bull fighters jumped in and harassed the animal lovers for a whole 20 minutes punching and kicking […]