The Life of the Gentle Giraffe

The giraffe whose name comes from the Arabic Zarafah, meaning Fast Walker, is the tallest quadruped in the world reaching up to 19 feet tall with a body length of 15 feet.  They can weigh between 0.5 to 2 tons.  Giraffes are vegetarians and mainly feed on acacia and myrrh trees.  Their long neck affords the ability to […]

THERE IS HOPE- Palmer Can Still Be Jailed For Five Years Under The Lacey Act

While Palmer thinks he’s in the clear with the Zim government not charging him, he may not be aware that he CAN still be CHARGED, JUDGED and PUNISHED in the United States of America under the lesser known Lacey Act. Thich act bars trading in wildlife that has been illegally killed, transported or sold. And could be […]

BREAKING: No Charges For Lion Killer Walter Palmer- Zimbabwe Gov

A surprising announcement was made from the Zimbabwe government that the Zimbabwean Ministry of Environment will not be pressing any charges against US dentist Walter James Palmer for the murder of Cecil the Lion in July 2015. Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri stated earlier today that the dentist had hunting paper and they were in order […]

Cecil’s Cubs And Their Mothers Missing For Weeks

NOTE: Cecil’s Pride News Blog will continue to update you with the latest happening of Cecil’s Family as we gather additional sources to verify ZimNews’ claim. We are contacting Drew Abramhamson and other sources to confirm, at latest BBC will confirm after they fly someone down there in 24-48 hours.  UPDATE Oct 11- Drew Abrahamson stated […]

ABC 20/20 Life Story of Cecil the Lion – How Cecil became the Iconic Zimbabwe Animal

Here’s a video of the life of Cecil the Lion sharing about his life from a little cub to the King of the Zimbabwe pridelands. Recorded from ABC 20/20 Top Five Animal Guardians You May Not Know (#4 Impressed Me) Sponsored: Poachers HATE this Tshirt. Buy one today to piss a poacher Punishments for Walter: We […]