Leonardo DiCaprio Dedicates Award Speech To Protecting Nature

The world has been waiting this moment for years… Leonardo DiCaprio winning the Oscars award. Unlike other winners, Leonardo dedicated his globally televised award speech to the environment and the developing world. In his speech he addressed the issue of climate change and poverty across the world when he could’ve talked about himself. Word from our Sponsors Much respect, Leo. […]

Woman Who Stood Up Against Palmer Sentenced to Jail and Community Service

A Bloomington woman arrested in September for standing up against Minnesota Dentist, Walter Palmer, who killed Cecil the Lion received her conviction and sentencing for her action of defacing Palmer’s clinic sign. Dr. Kim Socha PHD, instructor at Normandale Community College was sentenced to 15 days of jail and 64 hours of community service for standing against Walter Palmer. Word […]

Cecil The Lion Spotted On Minnesota Buses

A familiar face and name recently started appearing around bloomington buses lately. Grassroot group Abolish Trophy and Canned Hunting International fundraised over a few thousand dollars to purchase bus ads on a few bloomington buses reminding the world that Cecil has not been forgotten and he will roar boldly into the new year. Word from our Sponsors ATCH Internatinoal […]

BREAKING: Lions Join US Endangered Species Act – Canned Lions Not Included

A small victory for Animal lovers as Obama administration decides to put lions on the endangered list with the Endangered Species Act signed Monday December 21 2015. This act bans the import of trophies of endangered animals including lion parts from WEST and CENTRAL Africa ONLY. Hunters are still allowed to import trophies from SOUTHERN and EASTERN Africa as stricter […]

Russia Introduces Dog Armor For Police Dogs

Since the death of French Police dog Diesel during the sting operation that led to Paris police nabbing the terrorist mastermind behind the November 13 Paris attacks, a Russian defence equipment company has released a line of bulletproof vests for police dogs. These bullet proof vests will protect dogs from gunfires and bullets in dangerous situations. Dogs generally do […]

Can You Identify The People Tormenting This Poor Moose In The Woods

A recent video showing a moose being chased by hunters in BC CANADA has become viral. In this video you can hear the hunters screaming and laughing as they chase the poor moose forcing it to gallop at speeds that could cause bodily harm. The harassers took down the original video after being found out. A copy of the video has been […]

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Lion Killer’s Lawyer Regrets Letting Walter Palmer Speak to News

Anyone standing up with Palmer is bound to be in a world of pain as we have reports that the lawyer who provided Walter Palmer legal counsel, Joseph Friberg, is bombarded with phone calls. The Lawyer of Lion Killer is regretting a big mistake his client, Walter Palmer, made shortly prior to returning to work. With […]

Top 5 Punishments Our Community Has Proposed For Walter Palmer. (#5 is creativity at its best)

With Palmer back at his office, many of us have been sharing about the different punishments that would be fitting for Walter once we locate him. We asked our community this question and gotten a multitude of responses ranging from revoking of professional license to capital punishment and beyond. Here are five of our most popular punishments our community has proposed: