Pedals Law Not Voted Upon – Senate Refuses a Call to Vote

Many animal lovers were disappointed as the anticipated Pedals Law was never voted on at the New Jersey senate this week.  Named after pedals the bear that was killed in October 2016, the bill could have put a stop to New Jersey’s annual cruel bear hunt for a period of five years. Some political commentators speculate that […]

Senators Join Protest Against New Jersey Bear Hunt

US Senators Robert Torricelli and Raymond Lesniak were spotted supporting animal lovers in New Jersey protesting the bear hunt that has killed over 600 bears. The bear movement is growing with thousands of animal activists responding to the bear hunt with petitions, advocacy and protests. Here are some of the pictures found on social media. Sponsored Post […]

Cecil’s Brother, Jericho the Lion, Found Dead

It is with great sadness that we learn that Cecil’s pride brother, Jericho the lion, was found dead under a bush in Hwange National Park in the fall. Investigators reported that Jericho’s death is due to natural causes Like Cecil, Jericho the lion was collared by researcher and during a routine inspection, researcher Jane Hunt found the […]

Alledged Hunter of Famous Walking Bear Pedals Potentially Identified – UNCONFIRMED EVIDENCE

**THE DEATH OF PEDALS IS NOT FULLY CONFIRMED AND THERE ARE MULTIPLE SUSPECTS BEING TOSSED AROUND ON SOCIAL MEDIA – WE WILL PROVIDE UP TO DATE COVERAGE OF THIS UNRAVELING NEWS IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS** The rumored death of the famous walking bear pedals has brought disappointment for thousands of animal lovers world wide and the elusive […]