Trophy Hunting Auction Site Exposed!

One of our readers recently discovered the internet’s biggest auction site for murdering innocent animals. Trophy hunter website is profiting greatly off the murder of thousands of innocent animals with their auction site. Some would call this ebay for trophy hunting. Working in partnership with SCI and other trophy hunting groups, this site offers hunts and SCI events for […]

Chris Christie’s End Is Near

New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, may be seeing his political career crumbling apart as scandal after scandal are being revealed for this New Jersey Governor. Some digging on this governor has found that he has been abusing his power as governor for his own gain including intentionally closing bridges to punish mayors who did not agree with his […]

BREAKING- Bernie Sander Grills The Incoming EPA Boss – He Admits WHAT?!?!

It is with great disappointment that the incoming Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Boss, Scott Pruitt, doesn’t care about Protecting the Environment. Instead he is going to protect the oil and gas industries. When asked by Bernie Sanders if the climate change is caused by man activities, the incoming EPA Boss said that there are other bigger […]

Trump Family Sells Hunting With The Trumps Package at 25k-1Million a seat

TMZ and DailyDot reported that President-elect Donald trump’s children, Donald Jr and Eric are auctioning off the chance to go hunting with the trump family. The event is called “Opening Day” where they’re selling hunting packages from $25,000 to 1 million. The invitation also mentions about proceeds going towards unspecified charities which we suspect to […]

BREAKING: China COMMITS To Banning Ivory Trade In China By The End of 2017

For the first time we finally heard something good coming out of China. After years of protest and rallies by animal lovers in China and worldwide, the Chinese government is finally aware of the fact they are playing a big role in the Ivory trade and are taking big steps to put an end. Chinese officials announced […]

Obama Puts 500 Million Aces of Land and Water Under Environmental Protection With Antiquities Act

While president elect Trump is charging people to go on hunting trips with him (and talk politics), current President Obama is doing one last favor for the animal lovers and environment before leaving the oval office. Earlier this week, the outgoing president has signed orders creating new national monuments in south eastern Utah and swath of Nevada desert. […]