Trophy Hunting Auction Site Exposed!


One of our readers recently discovered the internet’s biggest auction site for murdering innocent animals.

Trophy hunter website is profiting greatly off the murder of thousands of innocent animals with their auction site. Some would call this ebay for trophy hunting.

Working in partnership with SCI and other trophy hunting groups, this site offers hunts and SCI events for gun nuts to get their fix of trophy hunting from local bears to african elephants and lions. Trophy hunting is getting out of control as hunting opportunities are getting easlier to be discovered by sites like online hunting auctions.

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We did some digging on this website and found that the auction component is is operated by Live Auction Group.

A petition is being filled but some people prefer to call them directly and let them know. Some are turning to their government representative but sadly we cannot expect much from the government as they are run by hunters right now. We need to stand up, speak up and expose this. Animal lovers are currently rising up in different parts of the country advocating for animals at risk. Will you dedicate 2017 to advocating for animals?

What you can do:

1- Expose this by sharing this article

2- let the auction site know that you do not agree with them serving the hunting auction site.

3- Join Cecil’s Pride Action Group and participate in any anti-poaching activities and protests.

There are more of us than them, and together we can make a difference!


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