Chris Christie’s End Is Near


New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, may be seeing his political career crumbling apart as scandal after scandal are being revealed for this New Jersey Governor.

Some digging on this governor has found that he has been abusing his power as governor for his own gain including intentionally closing bridges to punish mayors who did not agree with his ways, allowing the death of Pedals the Bear and refusing to provide support for low income families.

Christie thought he could continue to ignore the issues of his state by campaigin for the role of President of United States but instead was overshadowed by Donald Trump. When he changed his game plan, neglect his duties as governor and gunned for Trump’s ‘best man’, he ended up being used and abused by Trump.

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The best way to describe Christie’s end is with this

Christie thinks he could be buddies buddies with Trump and instead was used and abused by Trump like a biatch. When he should have been looking out for the needs of his state, he was going on tour with Trump hoping he could get cushy jobs as part of Trump’s inner circle. Instead Trump used him as an example to show how corrupt politicians are and when Trump got the president’s spot, Christie was passed over for all cushy top jobs.

With his state hating him and no where else to go, Christie has a rather bleak future and it’s all because of his selfish character.

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