BREAKING- Bernie Sander Grills The Incoming EPA Boss – He Admits WHAT?!?!

It is with great disappointment that the incoming Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Boss, Scott Pruitt, doesn’t care about Protecting the Environment. Instead he is going to protect the oil and gas industries.

When asked by Bernie Sanders if the climate change is caused by man activities, the incoming EPA Boss said that there are other bigger causes and man made activities plays a role to it. Bernie then counters with the fact that 97% of scientists are reporting that climate change is caused by human activities, Pruitt refuses to answer that and tries to change the topic.

Bernie later on brings up how the state Pruitt represents, Oklahoma, has been experiencing more and more earthquake because of fracking and oil drilling and asks whether Pruitt has done anything about it. Pruitt only said he is “concerned” about the situation but never took any actions to address the issue.

At the end of this video, Bernie stated that Pruitt is not suited for this role as head of EPA.

This is rather concerning for animal lovers as Bernie is revealing to the world that the EPA boss will not be leading the EPA to support the environment. The work of environment protect will fall upon the people like you and I. We will need to take action and petition EPA mid level managers and employees as their bosses will no longer be reminding them to do the protection work. Will you stand with thousands of animal lovers and kick start a movement of enviroment care and protection? Will you commit to being an advocate? Will you commit to supporting the grassroot movement?

Please share this article and let everyone know that the EPA boss doesn’t care about the environment.

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