Trump Family Sells Hunting With The Trumps Package at 25k-1Million a seat


TMZ and DailyDot reported that President-elect Donald trump’s children, Donald Jr and Eric are auctioning off the chance to go hunting with the trump family. The event is called “Opening Day” where they’re selling hunting packages from $25,000 to 1 million.

The invitation also mentions about proceeds going towards unspecified charities which we suspect to be the Trump Foundation. it is likely that fat cats, big business lobbyists are going to be swarming all over this invitation to see how they can profit off the Trump presidency.

Makes many animal lovers angry that the Trump family has no regards for animals.

here’s a picture of Trump Junior with the tail of an elephant he recently killed

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here’s an elephant Trump abused while campaigning during the early days of the election.

Animal lovers need to stand up against tyranny or else the future for animals will be very bleak. As we know that Trump appointed an oil man to be the Secretary of State which is likely to reverse all environmental protections overseas and a climate change denier to head the EPA. We need to stand up for animals at risk.

This Friday, many animal lovers, social justice fighters and activists will be gathering at DC inauguration to stand up for all sorts of causes. While travelling may not be an option for many, we invite you to support those who are going to represent animals at risk.

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One thought on “Trump Family Sells Hunting With The Trumps Package at 25k-1Million a seat

  • olimpia marina

    (January 19, 2017 - 1:44 pm)

    No respect for places where humans have NO respect for animals…SANCTIONS SHOULD FOLLOW.

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