BREAKING: China COMMITS To Banning Ivory Trade In China By The End of 2017


Ivory confiscated in Asia

For the first time we finally heard something good coming out of China. After years of protest and rallies by animal lovers in China and worldwide, the Chinese government is finally aware of the fact they are playing a big role in the Ivory trade and are taking big steps to put an end. Chinese officials announced on Friday that it will ban all commerce in ivory by the end of 2017, should it happens, the world’s biggest market for ivory will be shut out and the poachers may not have any more markets to sell ivory to.

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Kenya set alight 105 tonnes of ivory tusks in April to help tackle the illegal trade. Source – AFP

Carter Roberts, the President and Chief Executive of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said that “China’s announcement is a game change for elephant conservation. With the US also ending its domestic ivory trade, two of the largest ivory markets have taken action that will reverberate around the world.”

China’s ban plan consists of forcing all legal ivory processing factory and businesses to close down by March 31st and all ivory producers are invited to donate their ivories to museum. All workers will receive support to find related jobs in related industry to ensure they will not continue their trade underground.

Anti-poaching efforts has seen massive victories in the last few years from the capture of the ivory queen, the US banning domestic ivory sale and now china taking steps to follow through with it. As animal lovers we need to continue speaking up and holding countries to accountability. We must ensure this wave does not stop at these two countries but to every other countries and to ensure that we, need to support advocacy cells around the world as they lobby their governemnt. Help us make 2017 a year where ivory trade comes to an end by joining thousands of animal lovers as they use this easy way to start conversations about elephants.


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