Obama Puts 500 Million Aces of Land and Water Under Environmental Protection With Antiquities Act


While president elect Trump is charging people to go on hunting trips with him (and talk politics), current President Obama is doing one last favor for the animal lovers and environment before leaving the oval office. Earlier this week, the outgoing president has signed orders creating new national monuments in south eastern Utah and swath of Nevada desert.

This order along with the 29 other orders designating other protection areas is part of Obama’s legacy for protecting the natural beauty of the United States of America. All together, over 553 million acres of lands and water has been listed as protected under Obama’s eight years in office.

Below is a comparison of lands, from Washington Post, showing how each president has added to the national monument acreage under the Antiquities Act. Clearly obama has outdone all of his past predecessors combined in protecting the land and waters of our great nation and will be a president many animal lovers will miss.


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While animal lovers may be rejoicing over this massive victory, we need to be aware that there will be massive push backs in the new year as Trump’s hunter friends in the republican party are calling to put an end to the 1909 Antiquity law that allows presidents to directly draft executive orders to protect lands. With the man overseeing the EPA transition a denier of climate change and the secretary of state an oil exec who is likely to push for oil agenda instead of fighting poaching, animal lovers must rise and make ourselves heard. This gives us more the reason to mobilize and ensure the public and government is aware of issues like unsustainable poaching and animal cruelty. Whether it is starting more conversations with a lion poster in your living room or attending multiple protests, 2017 will be the year when animal lovers step up and make a difference, will you be part of the movement?


Washington Post

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