Accidentally stepped on dog’s paw, how to let him know I’m sorry?


Dear Cecil’s Pride,

I accidentally stepped on my dog’s paw and felt very bad. I don’t know whether my dog is going to hate me from now on. What can I do to make it up?


Dear Jennifer,

It’s great to hear that you’re very considerate of the dog. Think of a time you were busy on your phone and accidentally walked into someone  and stepping on her foot in the process. How did that person responded? Very likely angry and blamed you for everything. Now imagine if you accidentally stepped on your dog? What can you do to make the dog forgive you?

Here’s an article from Quora we want to share that can help you understand dogs better:

You, after you step on your dog’s paw:

Your dog after you step on his/her paw:

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Seriously, your dog trusts you implicitly and will probably forget it even happened in seconds. Your dog knows all the cues to look for to understand what’s good behavior and bad behavior. This is neither punishment nor praise – it’s just a thing that happened. The dog won’t be insulted, have hurt feelings, or hold a grudge. A few pets, a belly rub or a cookie (better yet, all 3!) will make it all better.

I’ve stepped on my dog’s paw, snagged tangles with a comb and clipped a nail too short, all resulting in a quick yelp. After a little scratch behind the ear she was giving me kisses and playing like it never even happened.

Our pets know it was an accident and will love us. Continue to show love to your pets and they will continue to love you. While they may be a bit more cautious when they see us walking without looking (the same way a little child will be cautious around a burning stove top after getting burnt), they will still see us as their best friend.

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