Pedals Law Not Voted Upon – Senate Refuses a Call to Vote

Many animal lovers were disappointed as the anticipated Pedals Law was never voted on at the New Jersey senate this week.  Named after pedals the bear that was killed in October 2016, the bill could have put a stop to New Jersey’s annual cruel bear hunt for a period of five years.

Some political commentators speculate that the state senate President Stephen Sweeney REFUSED to send S2702 to the floor for a vote Monday 12/19/16 because he knew it would pass. Ninety-four percent of NJ residents opposed this hunt, yet it will go on in favor of the 1% of NJ residents that like to kill for fun.

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Animal lover social media communities are in up roar as they cry over the messed up political system and the following message was found on a Pedals action facebook community:

Please Continue to call Sweeney and keep the pressure on him 856-251-9801 We can not back down! Also continue to call Christie and tell him to stop the 2017 bear hunt and ask him to give Pedals’Law a chance also let them know you support Pedals’Law 609-292-6000 we have to let them know we are not backing down… So please continue the momentum!

A protest in January is in the planning and everyone in New Jersey is encouraged to come out. If you are from out of state, consider supporting the advocacy work for animals at risk in the new year by starting conversations with a bear conversation hoodie. Proceeds go towards advocacy and rapid response efforts.

We know that the new year brings about a new year of work for the animal community. But we know that year after year, our numbers are growing and the hunters know that their days are over. Let us make that final push and bring about victory for the animals once and for all, one conversation at a time!

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