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Prayers and support needed for Ruhi
*Sensitive content*

These last few days have been incredibly busy Guardians, we have done rescue after rescue. Sad to say, even though we truly love our work at times we feel completely helpless to deal with so much pain every day. Our goal is to focus more on sterilization as it is the only way to end the suffering for all these precious beings. For now, all we can do is to take one day at a time and continue fighting for their lives.

Early in the morning, we received a call by a kind soul named Mr. Montu, he asked us to rush as he had a wounded dog locked inside a room.

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Once we finished feeding our rescued dogs, we left right away. What a relief! Ruhi was the same dog we have been trying to catch two days ago!

Poor boy, no matter how many cases we have encountered, our knees felt weak to see this poor boy up close in such condition. Ruhi had a severely infected wound infested with maggots on his nose, jaw, and part of his face. We cannot possibly imagine how he felt. He was afraid, confused and in pain. He truly broke our hearts!

We immediately gave painkillers and proceeded by removing all maggots and cleaning his wound. He also received IF Fluids as he was weak.

Oh Ruhi, we could not leave him behind, there is no way he will survive on his own on the streets. Now, Ruhi is safe with us, these next two days are crucial for him. As we have treated several cases like his, we know that the only thing to do is to keep him stable and continue treating him with proper medication. We will also have to clean his wound every day.

Please pray for this sweet boy, he needs all the positive energy and support he can get! Once again thank you for supporting our work!


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