Professor Arrested For Standing Up Against Bear Hunt


The Bear hunt in New Jersey is getting tense as the police are used as personal security services for the hunters. Similar as the #NODAPL protests, the New Jersey bear hunt is seeing its share of losses with the most prominent arrest of Bill Crain, a NY psychology professor. Crain will be jailed for 10 days this Christmas season and a fine of $750 was slapped in addition to his jail term.

Crain was arrested for peacefully protesting on a road where hunters bring their catch. As of this year’s hunting season, a total of 623 bears were killed of all age and sizes including Pedals the famous bi-pedal bear.


“Bears, like humans, have families, emotions, and individual personalities. Like us, each bear wants to live,” Crain was quoted as saying.

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The bear hunt in Christie’s state is going out of control, bear supporters are getting jailed and grassroot groups are turning to the rest of the country for support. Will you show your support for this barbaric bear hunt or will you be focused on your Christmas holiday shopping and turn a blind eye to this atrocity. Animal lovers all across the world are starting to join a global movement that stands against this barbaric practice, find out how you can get involved.



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