Cecil’s Brother, Jericho the Lion, Found Dead

It is with great sadness that we learn that Cecil’s pride brother, Jericho the lion, was found dead under a bush in Hwange National Park in the fall. Investigators reported that Jericho’s death is due to natural causes

Like Cecil, Jericho the lion was collared by researcher and during a routine inspection, researcher Jane Hunt found the dead lion. Hwange Park’s Caroline Washaya-Moyo told MailOnline that Jericho was collared six months ago which many people were hoping to track regularly.

Jericho’s body was found in a shaded ‘rest site’ frequently used by animals on a sunny day. ’The way in which the carcass was positioned when found suggest the lion died while resting at this point,’ Mrs Wahaya-Moyo said.


Unlike Cecil, Jericho’s head was still intact which adds to the finding that Jericho died a peaceful death. Park rangers have taken Jericho’s head for safe keeping knowing hunters may be interested in the Celebrity lion’s brother. The rest of the lion was buried in a deep hole to prevent him from being devoured by scavengers.

Contrary to many people’s believes, Jericho the lion is not the blood brother of Cecil, in fact he was a rival of Cecil who later partnered up with Cecil to become the most effective pride in Hwange National Park.

While the rest of Cecil’s family may be may be moving on, we will forever remember Cecil in our hearts. Show your love for Cecil by getting a Cecil the Lion remembrance necklace. 




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