Famous Walking Bear, Pedals, Shot Dead in New Jersey

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It is with deep sorrow that I am posting this today.

There are many hunters who feel Pedals the famous walking bear should have been taken to sanctuary, many who felt he should have amnesty from the hunt, many who would never think to kill him and many who saw first hand when he was brought in to Greenpond station on Monday. These people were kind enough to share details with us.

PEDALS THE FAMOUS WALKING BEAR IS DEAD. The hunter who has wanted him dead for nearly 3 years had the satisfaction of putting an arrow through him, bragging at the station. The very place where they weighed him, examined his legs, confirmed it was “the bi-pedal”. Where there were two biologists on hand taking many many pictures. PEDALS IS DEAD.

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For the hundreds and thousands of animals lovers who were following his story, I am sorry that we have this sad news to bring to you. PEDALS THE FAMOUS WALKING BEAR is at peace now because his beautiful soul left his body when he was killed. The NJDEP and F&W really don’t have a heart. They let this happen. They could have been the good guys by helping him to get to sanctuary. Instead they did nothing. They ignored the calls when there were real time sightings, only to call back days later to ask where he was. They have tip toed around this whole thing with lame statements that were very open ended, they have lied. Most recently they said they would not be able to tell if it was him on their “public statement” and it took them two days to come up with this statement. This can not be fixed but perhaps we can make a change to how wildlife is treated in this state. You can voice your opinions by emailing and cc’g each one of these people:

DEP Commissioner, Bob Martin – bob.martin@dep.nj.gov

Deputy Commissioner David Glass – david.glass@dep.nj.gov

Press Officer Larry Hajna – larry.hajna@dep.nj.gov

Director of F&W Dave Chanda – dave.chanda@dep.state.nj.us

general email address njfishandwildlife@dep.nj.gov

and lastly, place a call to Governor Christie’s office 609-292-6000 and ask to speak to an aide. Tell them politely what has happened and what they should have done and what they could possibly do in your opinion.

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RIP Pedals the famous walking bear, you will forever be missed.


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2 thoughts on “Famous Walking Bear, Pedals, Shot Dead in New Jersey

  • Vikki

    (October 15, 2016 - 7:31 pm)

    It is a very sad world we live in today and are leaving our children to deal with. Instead of people coming together with nature and making it work people continue to try to destroy anything and anyone that gets in their way. Murdering animals for sport and people shooting other people just because they feel like it. Our government officials acting as if they are still in kindergarten, tantruming when they don’t get their way and still haven’t learned how to wait their turn and not interrupt. It is disturbing that we are destroying ourselves. There is a better way, I hope that can be realized before it’s too late.

  • Rhonda Deese

    (October 20, 2016 - 6:39 pm)

    Please contact me regarding “Many who saw first hand when he was brought in to Greenpond station on Monday. These people were kind enough to share details with us.” My attorney friend, who is a strong advocate for outlawing the bear hunt, is interesting in taking on this case to prosecute Pedal’s killer. Thank you.

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