Cecil’s Lioness Spotted Happy With A New Mate

Cecil’s two lionesses were spotted in the Zimbabwe dating scene with neighbour, Bhubhesi the lion.

Since the death of Cecil the lion, neighbouring lion Bhubhesi the lion have been pursuing the heart of the two widowed lionesses for almost a year. While we may have concerns for the cubs, we should know that most of the cubs have grown up already and have bore Cecil grand cubs show in this other article we reported a while ago. They will not be subject to infanticide as they can fit for themselves.

Hot pursuit: The two lionesses have been pursued by aa alpha male called Bhubhesi for more than a year - since Cecil died - but have shown no interest until now
Cecil’s lioness courted by an alpha male Bhubhesi the lion for more than a year.

Professional guide Lewis Mangaba reveal that two of Cecil’s mates have now accepted a new male to lead Cecil’s pride, which he hopes means the dead cat’s legacy is secured.

“The lion is known as Bhubhesi and has been pursuing the lionesses for more than a year, since after Cecil was killed. Up until now there has been conflict between them. He has tried to steal their kills and they could not trust him,” Lewis explained to MailOnline. 

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“The fact that they are now allowing him to mate with them, to be around their young means that there is an element of trust towards him to keep them safe. It is unusual for a lioness to find a new mate within two years of losing their male, so this was unexpected. We are keeping a close eye on things, but it does give us hope that this means greater security for Cecil’s pride.” Lewis further said.

Rangers did not commented on where Jericho the lion was but it is likely Bhubhesi the lion will be caring for Cecil’s neighbourhood.

While Cecil’s lioness may be moving on, we will forever remember Cecil in our hearts. Show your love for Cecil by getting a Cecil the Lion remembrance necklace. 


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