Hillary Admits To Hunting Ducks

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While many sees Hillary as a better choice to Trump, her track record on animal rights is not spotliess. In a 2008 campaign speech, Fernando Suarez of CBS News reported her to have gone on duck hunting trips in her well off upbringing.

WAUSAU, WIS. — At a campaign stop this afternoon, Hillary Clinton’s focus was on the economy and health care but some in the crowd had other things on their minds. Clinton was asked to discuss gun control which prompted Clinton to talk about her days holding a rifle in the cold, shallow waters in backwoods Arkansas.

‘I’ve hunted. My father taught me how to hunt. I went duck hunting in Arkansas. I remember standing in that cold water, so cold, at first light. I was with a bunch of my friends, all men. The sun’s up, the ducks are flying and they are playing a trick on me. They said, ‘we’re not going to shoot, you shoot.’ They wanted to embarrass me. The pressure was on. So I shot, and I shot a banded duck and they were surprised as I was,’ Clinton said drawing laughter from the crowd.”

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This kind of upbringing along with the lack of actions in comparison to colleagues like Bernie Sands in addressing animal cruelty makes us question whether her promises on animal rights are sincere and effective.

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6 thoughts on “Hillary Admits To Hunting Ducks

  • […] Clinton on other side isn’t all clean either as she did admit to have gone on atleast one duck hunting trip. […]

  • Patricia Mendiola

    (August 9, 2016 - 4:12 pm)

    Yes, she is not the ideal candidate, but we have lost Sanders, so it is down to her and Trump. There is no doubt in my mind as to who would be worse when it comes to animal welfare issues.

  • Terry Jensen

    (August 9, 2016 - 4:44 pm)

    how is Hillary a better choice…are you just going by hunting for cryin’ out loud. If she gets in then there will be no hope for people let alone humans.

    • joelewd

      (August 25, 2016 - 5:46 am)

      Terry Jensen has Fox/Faux News on speed dial!!! Morons will believe anything that Faux News spouts. Hillary compared to Trump and you think no hope for humans? Go talk to every Contractor Trump has even dealt with oh and Real estate and then Go sign up for Trump University your dam self. SMDH Morons!!!!!

  • Marc Bedner

    (August 10, 2016 - 9:18 pm)

    If you’re going to dig up an obscure quote from 2008, you should put in in context. Clinton was trying to embarrass Obama, her opponent in the presidential race, for a statement he made about the rural gun culture. Her full interview, which of course did not win her the nomination at the time, is hardly a ringing endorsement of hunting:


    Hillary Clinton appealed to Second Amendment supporters on Saturday by hinting that she has some experience of her own pulling triggers.

    “I disagree with Sen. Obama’s assertion that people in our country cling to guns and have certain attitudes about trade and immigration simply out of frustration,” she began, referring to the Obama comments on small-town Americans that set off a political tumult on Friday.

    She then introduced a fond memory from her youth.

    “You know, my dad took me out behind the cottage that my grandfather built on a little lake called Lake Winola outside of Scranton and taught me how to shoot when I was a little girl,” she said.

    “You know, some people now continue to teach their children and their grandchildren. It’s part of culture. It’s part of a way of life. People enjoy hunting and shooting because it’s an important part of who they are. Not because they are bitter.”

    Minutes later, in a slightly awkward moment, Clinton faced a question from a woman in the audience whose son had been paralyzed by a gunshot. The woman asked Clinton what she would do about gun control as president.

    Clinton touted her husband’s record on gun control during his administration, and said “there is not a contradiction between protecting Second Amendment rights” and the effort to reduce crime.

    Noting that many hunters and gun collectors want to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, Clinton referred to her positive childhood experiences with firearms.

    “As I told you, my dad taught me how to shoot behind our cottage,” she said. “I have gone hunting. I am not a hunter. But I have gone hunting.”

    Clinton said she has hunted ducks.
    As Patricia points out, Bernie is no longer a choice for President. He remains in the Senate, and still has a section on his Senate website praising “Vermont’s Next Generation of Hunters” at http://www.sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/video-audio/vermonts-next-generation-of-hunters

  • joelewd

    (August 25, 2016 - 5:43 am)

    Are you Serious? Duck hunting is no where near trophy hunting Rare species!!!!

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