Hunters Launch Propaganda Non Profit To Mislead Public

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Hunters in South Africa recently launched a propaganda non profit funded by their deep pockets to mislead the public about hunting and conservation. True Green Alliance, a fraudulently named organization to deceive and recruit ecologically minded people sitting on the fence to embrace a pro-hunting agenda. They will be part of the hunter’s push to brainwash people with skewed and biased researches.

One of their ways of brainwashing people is through the reference of animals as “living resource”. By transforming the curriculum in the education sphere, they plan to create a generation where they view animals as ‘resources’ not ‘precious creations’. They also plan to woo non vegetarians over by painting animal lovers into the same same category as the extremists to turn the playing field in their favour.

The hunters denies the imminent extinction of animals and bases their justification on the greased reports from corrupted government reports on the environment.

We must not let them succeed in their plans. We must fight back!

Will you stand up with the animal kingdom to ensure their plans will be foiled?

Will you offer your voice for the voiceless?

Will you take up the title of animal activist?

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