Lion Hunt Being Raffled

BREAKING NEWS (4 Jan 2016)Raffle Cancelled!


Confirmed on B.V.C’s website – Raffle cancelled and reaffirmed that WildCRU had nothing to do with this ill-conceived “fund raising initiative.” 


sci raffle cancelled


‘Hunt a lion’ raffle scrapped after protests,” The Guardian, 11 January 2016

It was reported (The Daily Mail, 3 January 2016) that an 18 day lion hunt was to be raffled by The Bubye Valley Conservancy (B.V.C.), Zimbabwe in conjunction with Martin Nel Safaris.

There was no obvious information given by the B.V.C. or Martin Nel Safaris on the intended lion victim (condition, male (most likely), or assurance that the lion victim’s age is greater than 6 years old?), but we can assume the lion ‘selected’ was a suitable ‘trophy prize.’   

The result of the raffle was to be announced at Safari Club International’s (SCI’s) Las Vagas, “Ultimate Hunters’ Market” conference next month.

Rather cynically, the raffle was open to hunters and non-hunters (as a “photographic safari” and the promise the lion victim will be collared and form part of WildCRU’s on-going lion research, as was Cecil (may he RIP)).

This was a new low, where a lion’s life had been reduced to a raffle prize in order to generate income for a ‘conservancy’ (B.V.C shareholders plus supporting lions held within B.V.C.’s enclosures perhaps) and Martin Nel Safaris? 

100 tickets x $1,500 USD = a projected $150,000 USD income.

Note: The B.V.C.’s ‘conservation’ credentials are given via this link to  B.V.C.’s web-site page, “B.V.C. Research.” 

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