Elephant Abused For 50 Years Cries As He Was Rescued By Animal Guardians


Elephants are highly emotional and intelligent beings. Raju the Raju the elephant was abducted from his home when he was a baby in India and was forced to work under abuse by a drug addict to beg for money. Raju has been eating paper and plastic and was bound by spiked chains causing him chronic pains.

A local non profit was able to get a court order to release the elephant and conducted a rescue operation at night. The abusers tried to resist by putting on extra chains and having men blocking the exit but the rescuers were able to get Raju free regardless. During the rescue, rescuers noticed that Raju was crying as he saw hope that he no longer has to remain in this tortured state anymore.

Today Raju roams free with Wildlife SOS sanctuary where he will live with other rescued animals for the rest of his life.


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