Top 10 BullFighting Accidents – Karma (graphic content)


WARNING this article contains many graphic pictures of bull fighters and matadors getting a dose of karma for choosing a sport that involves killing cornered bulls. Most of these accidents are graphic and contains BLOOD. Readers discretion is advised

bull fighter injuries

You would not believe how the match against these bull fighters ended!

Every year, the spanish world undergoes the ceremony of full fighting where innocent bulls are forced to fight for their lives under stressful conditions. Bull fighting is unethical and needs to be banned, not only is it unfair for innocent bulls to die needless deaths, many people have been injured, maimed or killed while fighting bulls.

Here’s a top 10 list of some of the biggest bull fighting accidents that have left bull fighters blind or have killed some bull fighters.

'How to survive the bull run' writer gets gored by bull
Picture from Associated Press

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