BREAKING: SeaWorld Gives In To Animal Activists’ Demands To END WHALE SHOWS



SeaWorld will be ending their increasingly controversial orca shows at its San Diego site next year.

“In 2017 we will launch an all new orca experience,” said SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby. “It’s going to focus more on the natural setting, the natural environment and natural behaviors of the whale… That means that 2016 will be the last year of our theatrical killer whale experience in San Diego based on the customer feedback that we’re getting there.”

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SeaWorld wants to transition from using whales for entertainment to being an advocate for giving a “conservation message inspiring people to act” and that the new orca “experience” will resonate with Californians. When asked about the other sites he did not confirm that the move will be universial across all SeaWorld properties indicating that they will continue to detain whales in other sites.

SeaWorld’s revenue has slumped massively since the world became aware the cruelty whales faced while in holding tanks at the SeaWorld locations. Our protesting and boycotting is definitely making a difference. Let’s continue to push and ensure they make it universal.


An embattled SeaWorld is phasing out its killer whale show in San Diego

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