Happy Anonymous Day (V For Vendetta Day)

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Alleged-Anonymous-Hacker-from-Texas-Accused-of-Cyberstalking-439917-2Today is November 5th, what is known as V-Day, V-For-Vendetta Day or Anonymous day. The day we recognize those who fought hard against injustice.

Today we would like to honor Anonymous for their enduring effort to confronting animal cruelty and trophy hunting. Here’s a sample list of attacks we’ve reported on from anonymous since August and we look forward to seeing more direct actions from Anonymous to help put a stop to animal cruelty.

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0 thoughts on “Happy Anonymous Day (V For Vendetta Day)

  • Patricia Mendiola

    (November 5, 2015 - 2:30 pm)

    Thank you Anonymous. Our animals are defenseless and need your kind. Stopping people who would do harm to them by whatever means possible is A o.k. with me

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