Top Five Animal Guardians You May Not Know (#4 Impressed Me)

5- Damien Mander

Australian Ex-Sniper and Founder of International Anti Poaching Foundation


Like Kinessa Johnson and Prince Harry, Damien Mander was a soldier and have fought in the middle east against insurgents. But unlike the above mentioned, Damien took the leadership training he learned from the military and started a non profit organization to put an end to illegal poaching, the International Anti Poaching Foundation.

Damien’s approach is to work with the world’s intellectual and the academic world to come up with solutions to stop poaching. Having spoken at TED talks and with projects in multiple countries including Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa, Damien is making great leaps in the world of antipoaching by setting up a standardized training program for rangers and introducing drone technology to stop poachers dead in their tracks.

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