Top Five Animal Guardians You May Not Know (#4 Impressed Me)

3- Sea Shepherds

Grassroots organization operating as the animals’ first and last line of defence. 

Sea Shepherd Ship

While park rangers and guardians like Kinessa Johnson are protecting the protected parks and forests of Africa, there are barely any support for the animals at sea. Every year thousands of whales, dolphins and other aquatic wildlife are poached by whaling vessels operating without license. Operating in international oceans, these poachers often get away with poaching due to the lack of enforcement and sovereignty on international waters. Luckily these guys are making a difference…

Sea Shepherds founders with seal

Started in 1977, the Sea Shepherd movement has been working to put an end to illegal poaching activities at sea. Known by their daring militant tactics including ramming whaling ships and boarding them to interrupt whale hunts, the Sea Shepherd has been making quite a splash in the media in the last decade.

Sea Shepherds are not afraid to make bold moves like ramming a whaling vessel to interrupt a whaling session

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The Sea Shepherd has sunk multiple fishing vessels in their history and will continue to use force to protect the animals. By far they’re one of the few groups that actually got shit done.

A list of illegal poaching vessels sunk by the sea shepherds

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